IMG_20150502_132226920During May we did Taster Freedom Walks to raise money for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal – We did lots of extra walks and received generous donations and raised £360 which has gone to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

We would like to thank all those who took up the offer of extra walks as well as those who made contributions to raise these funds.Those whose owners donated and/or contributed by having the extra walks where Walter, Scooby, Alfie, Bonzo, Elf, Bumble, Ces, Bessie, Tommy, Norman, Malham, Sox, Charlie, Albert, Jasmine, Angus, Sky, Daisy, Wookie, Mr Johnson, Stanley, Lottie, Whiskey, Beau, Teddy, Tazz, Albert, Victoria, Benji, Bonnie, George, Zara, Tess, Patch, Bessie,Pip, Dot, Russle, Elton, Mackie, Ted, Bertie, Millie, George, Henry, Charlie, Glen, Rita, Jess, Maisie, Nessie, Ozzy, Lola, Booboo, Grumpy and not to forget our Poppy

Thank you to all of you that contributed