Here at Langcliffe we make every effort to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable stay. Leave them here, knowing they are well cared for, allowing you to enjoy yourself.

Our purpose built high quality dog kennels vary in size to accommodate all breeds of dogs large and small. It also enables families of dogs to be looked after together if required.

The kennels provide modern, clean and spacious accommodation._KGH9434Kennel House

Each kennel has both an inside area with a heater for those chilly evenings and an attached outside enclosed covered run, so your dogs will have all day access to both the cosy inside or fresh air and sunshine outside.

Freshly laundered bedding and beds are provided, but if you prefer to bring your pets own bedding we will be happy to make them comfortable.

Each dog staying with us is given three walks/play sessions per day and for puppies up to five. We walk them using extendable leads, this gives a chance for a stretch and a run as well as a good sniff. With our new playing field and playpen we have extended the times out and about so as well as the early morning and afternoon walks/play sessions we now take them out for an extra walk/play session late morning as well.

If your dog is well socialised and you are happy for your dog to be exercised off the lead we can accommodate this and let them have a good old romp around the field or in our playing field or playpen, the group walks and play sessions are great exercise and fun for those dogs that like to mix and play.

dogs2We also offer extra off site walks ‘Freedom Walks’ see Doggy Extras below!

The walks give us the opportunity to get to know your dog and their individual ways as well as the time to carry out a brush and tidy up.

As for food your dog will be spoilt for choice. We stock a number of the major brands and we will do our best to keep your pet on their regular diet, if we do not stock your particular food, then we’re happy for you to bring your own (price adjustments do not apply). If your dog has some special diet or medication requirements please bring these and we will be happy to administer these during their stay.

Your pet will be fed as required within the parameters of our day. Our a-la-carte menus and regular treats and drinks rounds offer enough to fill their bottomless bellies and get their tails wagging!

Doggy Extras

Freedom Walks/Extra Walks
Many owners take the opportunity to book some extra walks for their dogs during their stay with us. For one or two hours we will take them on a Freedom Walk. A member of our staff will take them around the area giving them the chance to explore the local footpaths and bridleways, great exercise and adds to the enjoyment of their stay with us.

Bath and Brush Up
Let us give your dog a shampoo and brush up in time for your return home in our purpose built doggy bathroom

Doggy Day Care
We offer doggy day care on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

So leave your dog with us and you don’t need to worry what your dog is up to when home alone or you are walking in the Dales.

Doggy Daily Itinerary

8am Good Morning Langcliffe Dogs
Out into the runs for a blast of the freshest air in the Yorkshire Dales whilst the chalet maids prepare the rooms for the day ahead.
8.30am Out into the paddock for the necessities, a good stretch and general limber up.
9.30am Breakfast is served!
All Labradors may visit the express breakfast queue!
A sing-along is encouraged whilst the maids spruce up the communal areas.
11.00am Time to get outdoors again for walks in the field, play sessions in the playing field or playpen then drinks topped up and served with the finest biscuits & treats, accompanied with toys and chews for ongoing entertainment.
12noon Free time to snooze and watch the world go by or for those booked for Freedom Walks, time to go out adventuring on the local footpaths and bridleways and Bath-time for those booked for a bath and brush up.
3.00pm Back to the paddock for a walk, ball games and fun. Team games are there for those who want them.
5.00pm Time for tea from the a-la-carte menu.
5.30pm Chalet maids prepare the rooms for bedtime, accompanied by a little gentle night music to soothe the soul.
6pm  A special supper treat of delicious biscuits treat and top-up drinks plus cuddly toys are available on request.