Booking accommodation for your dogs and cats.

To reserve your accommodation simply phone or email your request via the link below.

The best time to phone is after 10am or if we cannot get to the phone please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you prefer you can always drop in to see us in person.

We understand every cat and dog is an individual with individual needs – sometimes very specific needs. So we welcome verbal or written instructions on how best to care for your pet. This is especially helpful where your pet has any past illness, specific medication requirements or even favourite treats.

Also do let us know if your pet has any behavioural issues, we don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed about their pet’s behaviour and we certainly don’t turn anyone away because of some past experiences. Understanding your pets will help us to manage your pets little quirks, and allow them to have a more enjoyable holiday with us.

To ensure your pets holiday give us a call to make your reservation, don’t wait until the last minute.

Contact/Booking on: Tel 01729 822393 – Email:


To ensure we provide a safe clean and comfortable stay we require all dogs and cats to be fully vaccinated and have a current vaccination certificate. Please remember to bring your pets vaccination certificate each time you visit.

We cannot accept dogs or cats without current vaccinations. If in doubt consult your vet practice before your visit to ensure they are all up to date.

For dogs, annual vaccination to ensure cover against distemper, parvovirus,hepatitis, leptospirosis and kennel cough – Infectious Tracheobronchitis is required.

Kennel cough – Infectious Tracheobronchitis vaccine should be given with your dogs annual booster vaccinations, you will need to specifically ask your vet to administer the kennel cough vaccine as it is not always routinely administered. The kennel cough vaccination is not an injection, it is a tiny amount of liquid that is administered into the dogs nose. It is a live vaccine so dogs cannot be accepted into kennels if vaccination given within seven days of coming into kennels. Kennel Cough is impossible to completely guard against but an up to date vaccine reduces the risk of catching kennel cough, if caught it makes it less likely that your dog will be as unwell as it would otherwise have been. Please note there are many other viruses which can cause kennel cough type symptoms for which no vaccination is available, this is similar to humans with the common cold virus.

For cats, annual vaccination against Feline Enteritis, Feline Chlamydia, Feline Influenza and Feline Leukemia is required.

We do not accept entire male cats over 6 months old.

All dogs & cats pets should be treated for fleas and worms before boarding.

Our Fees are fully inclusive; Insurance, VAT, food from our A-La-Carte menus, four daily walks or play sessions in our field or playpens, bedding, heating, administering of medication, musical entertainment from the kennel staff, treat time biscuits, strokes and belly scratching when required.

Please note the charges below are effective from 1st April 2018.

Boarding fees are charged for the day of arrival and for each day thereafter – There is no charge for the day of departure if collected in the morning before 11am. For pets collected thereafter a charge for that day will apply.

Payment terms

  • Cash or debit card payment accepted – No credit cards or cheques
  • Due to charges for both card processing and machine rental a processing charge will be applied.
    • debit card payments – £1 charge for amounts under £20

Booking amendments

  • Charges will apply for the period booked
    • there is no price reduction if you collect your pet earlier than the booked dates.


  • Within 7 days of commencement of booking – 50%  of total  payment will be applied.
  • Within 48 hours – full payment will be applied


Prices apply on a daily basis we charge for the day your pet is dropped off, there is no charge for the day you pick up, if you collect them before 11am.

Two or more family members sharing will have a £1.50 reduction for each member per day.

Toy/Small breed £14-50
Medium/Large breed £15-50
Extra Large/Giant breed £16-00
Doggy Day Care 8-30 am to 5-30 pm £12-50

Freedom/Extra Walks

Single dog

Additional family member – max 3 dogs



Dog Bathhouse: Wash & Brush up

Toy/Small Breed

Medium/Large Breed

Extra Large/Giant Breed






Prices apply on a daily basis we charge for the day your pet is dropped off, there is no charge for the day you pick up, if you collect them before 11am.

Two or more family members sharing will have a £1.50 reduction for each member per day.

Cat £9.00 per day

Opening Times  – Drop off & Pick up times

Morning Drop Off and Pick Up 8-30am to 11am
Closed 12md until 3-30pm
Afternoon Drop Off and Pick Up 3-30pm to 5.30pm

*Other times by arrangement

We are open 7 days per week for pick ups and drop offs except for:

Christmas Eve Morning only
Christmas Day Closed for pick ups and drop offs
Boxing Day Closed for pick ups and drop offs
News Years Eve Morning only
News Years Day Closed for pick ups and drop offs